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Expert counselling service based just outside Dunfermline

24 Upper Kinneddar, Saline.  KY12 9TR

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Lou Elder


I have a Psychology Degree (Hons) and Masters (MA) and have dedicated the past 15 years to helping people deal with all kinds of problems within their personal lives as well as families. Colourful counselling focuses on the individual person and adapts therapies to the individual. Therapies offered include CBT, holistic and psychodynamic and mindfulness.


From a very young age, I have been interested in the brain. Why do we behave the way we do? What makes one person so different from another?  I attended university and got my Psychology degree, which created further questions for me, as I wanted to find out more about Neurology.  I continued my studies and gained masters in counselling and developmental disorders as well as diplomas in body language, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and mindfulness. I found the more I learned, the more I had a passion to find the answers to my many questions I had. One of these questions included; why is therapy so limited to it just being a therapist sitting across the room with a desk in-between both parties?  As well as why is it so limited in terms of what can be offered in means of finding coping mechanisms as well as solutions to the reasons people attend these appointments?  I spent a long time adapting my counselling therapies to meet the needs of individuals with some great feedback and results.


Throughout my working career I have worked with adults and children in various roles.  My care for them included primary, residential care and safe houses.  During some of these roles I would deal with individuals and families who needed a bit of extra support and/or advice all the way through to individuals in care and those under court supervision orders.  This required me not only working with the adult or child but also their families and agencies involved.


I have a great passion for working with people and working out what solutions, tools and strategies work for them as individuals. With this in mind, I base my therapies around the individual needs of my clients.  If you want to go for a swim, a drive or a walk while you have your counselling session then great lets do it.  I see families and clients in their own homes as well as having my own lovely, warm and safe environment in my office.  I am open to suggestions on what works for you and how I can help you get the most out of your therapy sessions so please feel free to ask me.  I am not the stereotypical therapist that will sit you in a stuffy room with a table between you as you sit in a chair.  I want you to be comfortable while we discuss what’s brought you to me as well as us finding a way together to find a solution.


E-mail: info@colourful-world.co.uk