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24 Upper Kinneddar, Saline.  KY12 9TR

Telephone: 07380288560

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I talk about?


A: Before attending your first counselling session, it may be helpful to prepare by writing down your reasons for seeking help as well as describing your feelings and if you wish you can bring this with you.  You can talk about anything that is on your mind, however large or small you think your problem is. You might find yourself saying things you had not expected to say.  I will always help you explore your circumstances.



Q: What’s the difference between talking to a friend and talking to a counsellor?


A: Sometimes talking to a friend can be helpful and counsellors often encourage clients to use their family and friends. However there are some disadvantages to using friends as your only confidants and support.

Friends and family could feel a conflict of loyalty and find it hard to keep things confidential.  They may become upset themselves by what you are telling them and could become upset if you don’t accept their advice.


Counsellors’ training means they have formal support and a work structure, which helps them to deal with upsetting and difficult situations; friends may begin to feel overburdened, especially if they have their own problems too.



Q. What will happen during sessions?


A. In the first session, the reasons that you have decided to come for counselling will be discussed, as well as background information and setting of some initial goals. In subsequent sessions, the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that continue to be problematic will be discussed. Ways to cope better, feel better and deal with problems more effectively over the long-term will be addressed, and your goals will continue to be reviewed and changed as needed over time.  You may find these weekly sessions fly past once you start to open up.



Q. How do I know that this will work for me?


A. Everyone is different. However, when you feel comfortable with your counsellor, and the right treatment approaches are used, there is a very good chance that you will see improvement.

I have a great deal of experience helping clients to develop trust and to feel comfortable with the process of counselling.



Q. How many sessions will I need? 


A. There is no set amount of sessions a person will need.  Some people benefit from a handful of sessions others benefit from many sessions.  I will be happy to discuss the number of sessions that may be expected for the goals that you have, and ways to make treatment as efficient and effective as possible.


Q.  What if I cannot travel to your office?


A.  I am able to travel to your home (or another appropriate place), there is a small cost of 45p per mile for me to do this.  There  is also the option of skype, facetime, telephone appointments.  We can discuss the best way for me to be able to support you.

E-mail: info@colourful-world.co.uk